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Best Practices for Community Institutions

In addition to understanding your emergency response procedures, we encourage everyone to inspect the equipment that plays a vital role in our security, including doors, cameras, lights, and alarm systems. Regular maintenance and vigilance are key to ensuring that these tools are functioning optimally. If you notice any issues or anomalies, please do not hesitate to report them promptly to law enforcement and our GMW security team. Your diligence in this matter reinforces our commitment to safeguarding our community, and together, we can maintain a sustainable, safe, and secure environment for all our members. 

Assess Control

  • Single point of entry & exit
  • Post a capable guardian at open doors during entry/dismissal
  • Visibly armed security posted outside entry
  • Trained Greeter posted in eyesight of armed security

Maintain Situational Awareness for Suspicious Activity

  • Unusual behavior
  • Attempts to access facility
  • Unusual questions (in person, phone, text or email)
  • Evasive answers to questions
  • Identical vehicle making numerous passes around your facility
  • Be aware of unattended or suspicious packages

Establish Relationship with Local Law Enforcement

  • Invite law enforcement to tour your facility
  • Relay concerns and “what ifs” during your meeting

Follow Your Security Plans

  • Review Emergency Operation Plans (EOP)
  • Share your EOP with local Law Enforcement

Establish Who Will Make Decisions During a Crisis

Establish lines of succession when decision maker is absent or unavailable

Safe Handling of Mail and Packages

  • Labeled with the words, “personal” or “private;”
  • Mail from a sender which is unexpected;
  • Mail/package with distorted handwriting;
  • Name and/or address prepared with homemade   labels or cut-and-paste lettering;
  • Unknown/absent return addresses;
  • Excessive postage;
  • Residues, staining or discoloration on package exterior;
  • Ticking sounds;
  • Protruding wire(s);
  • Aluminum foil;
  • Odd shaped packages
  • Return address with antisemetic verbiage

Avoid the handling of suspicious items and call 911 immediately. 

Special Events

We understand the desire to come together in support of Israel during this time. The tips below are designed to help you organize public events in the safest, most secure manner possible.

Create a Security Plan for the Event

  • Establish who is responsible for decision making (and a successor)
  • Collaborate with local law enforcement during the planning process
  • Have local law enforcement provide or supplement your security force
  • Consider having event space cleared by Explosive Detection Team(s)
  • By clearing and securing your venue before the event, Law Enforcement “may” be less likely to evacuate for a “swatting” or “bomb threat” call
  • Message to attendees that “Luggage, backpacks, parcels and purses are prohibited from entering”
  • Establish bag check inspection protocol
  • Consider utilizing magnetometer(s) at entry point
  • Utilize pre-registration platforms
  • Establish a plan if you intend to allow “walk-ins”
  • Have walk-ins provide photo identification and record same
  • Ensure your security plan includes protection from vehicle borne attacks (intentional/accidental)

Livestreaming Services and Events

  • Avoid unprotected livestreamed events 
  • Password protect the livestream or email link directly to intended audience 
  • Review video conferencing best practices