Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ
Centennial Campaign

Our Historic Centennial Campaign

Our largest fundraising effort ever focuses on enhancing our community today and ensuring that Greater MetroWest remains strong for our next century and beyond.

The Centennial Campaign goal is to raise at least $250 million; to date we have raised more than $220 million. There are three main areas for our fundraising efforts: PACE, Targeted Giving, and Centennial Sponsorships.

Learn more about the following giving opportunities below:

Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE) Funds

The Centennial Campaign marks our largest PACE effort since the founding of these endowment efforts in the early 1990s. The PACE goal for Centennial is to raise an additional $60 million, or double our current PACE funds. To date we have raised more than $30 million of that Centennial goal.

The following endowment funds ensure that a gift is made to the UJA Annual Campaign in a donors’ name, each year, in perpetuity.

  • The William and Betty Lester Society ($100,000+) 
  • Lion of Judah Endowment ($100,000+) 
  • New Century Fund ($10,000-$99,000) 

Living Lester, Living Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE), and Living New Century Fund donors have chosen to fulfill their commitments during their lifetimes. Donors have up to five years to fulfill their commitment. A special designation is made for living gifts in our honor rolls. 

For Lester and LOJE specific questions, please contact Michal Werner [email protected]. For New Century Fund specific questions, please contact Debra Levenstein at [email protected].

Targeted Endowment and Giving for Today

Targeted Endowment ($100,000+) to benefit specific federation programs, partnership agencies and GMW synagogues. Combined gifts also qualify for Centennial. For example, $50,000 in support of PACE combined with $50,000 to a partnership organization like JFS. 

Targeted Giving for Today ($100,000+) paid in up to 5 years for a Federation program. 

Through fundraising efforts of the Centennial Campaign, we are looking to secure targeted programs in the following four larger categories. In each of the categories below, you will find examples of programs, departments, and other areas for which we are looking to secure funding. The funding can be in the form of an endowment (ensuring it continues in perpetuity), or in targeted giving today (aka Supplemental), meaning support today for programs taking place today and in the immediate future. 

Examples of qualifying gifts include but are not limited to the following: Endowments to benefit a specific department or program of Federation and endowments to benefit any partnership agency or GMW synagogue. Targeted Giving for Today gifts must support Federation programming.

For Targeted Giving specific questions, please contact Sara Chambers [email protected] and Yaffa Karp [email protected] for Targeted Gifts to benefit the Jewish Day Schools.

100 for 100 (NextGen Donors)

100 for 100 provides a unique opportunity for our NextGen donors (ages 50 and under) to perpetuate the critical work our Federation does to care, build, and save for the Jewish future. Now, more than ever, as we celebrate 100 years of building a stronger Jewish community, we must offer unique and inspiring ways for the next generation to connect with our work and provide avenues for meaningful philanthropy. 

For the first time in our history, our community launched an exciting effort to secure the future of our UJA Annual Campaign through NextGen donors. The initiative will secure legacy or endowment gifts (with a minimum gift of $10,000—cash or planned gift), primarily Lester, LOJE, and New Century Fund, building the Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE) funds of our Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ, from 100 NextGen donors. Qualifying targeted endowment gifts of $100,000 or more made by donors in this age bracket also qualify. 

There are several easy ways to make this happen and ensure that next generation donors can begin their own legacy in this community. Please contact Michal Werner at [email protected].

Centennial Sponsorships

Centennial sponsorship funds support the amazing local Centennial events throughout the year in Greater MetroWest. 

Learn about our Centennial sponsors and their meaningful support of this historic year.

Give for today

Our UJA Annual Campaign enables Federation and our partner agencies to meet urgent and ongoing humanitarian and social service needs and to build vibrant Jewish communities right now.