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Federation’s 100 for 100

Federation’s 100 for 100

Legacy Giving Campaign for the Next Generation of Jewish Philanthropy

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Our New Legacy Giving Campaign for the Next Generation of Jewish Philanthropy

Join the next generation of donors securing our community’s future.

Leaving a legacy gift is a big deal. And what’s a bigger deal is that our next generation is doing it. We are proud to introduce 100 for 100, Jewish Federation’s newest initiative that is providing generous NextGen donors under age 50 with the opportunity to secure the future of our community for generations to come.

What makes the Greater MetroWest Jewish community and everything we have to offer so special? Our critical work locally, in Israel, and around the globe is possible only because earlier generations built our community’s strong foundation. With gratitude for that strong legacy, Greater MetroWest’s next generation is now shaping the future for our children.

100 for 100 Committee

Abbi Halpern and Jeff Feinstein, Chairs
Heather & Zach Bier, Alexandra & Jeffrey Feinstein, Allie & Brett Goldberg, Abbi & Jeremy Halpern, Julie & Matthew Kaplan, Julie & Lee Kirschbaum, Robyn & Michael Laveman, Jennifer Marcus & Eric Lebovich, Randi & Adam Sandler, Mindy & Alan Schall, Julie & Jonathan Schwartz, Elana Wilf Tanzman & Brett Tanzman

“We are so proud to live in a strong and vibrant Jewish community. We feel so blessed to be able to celebrate Greater MetroWest’s Centennial by making a legacy gift. It is our honor to help ensure the future of this community for generations to come.”

-Abbi & Jeremy Halpern

“Making our legacy gift as a young family was a privilege. Our parents were our biggest influence, and it’s rewarding to help ensure that our children and future communities have a strong connection to Federation and helping others.”

-Alexandra & Jeffrey Feinstein

“It was important for us to give our children the foundation for tikkun olam and demonstrate the impact we can have in the Jewish community now and in the years to come. Participating in 100 for 100 will ensure that our children know that Greater MetroWest, and all of its amazing resources, is part of who they are and who they will grow to become.”

-Julie & Lee Kirschbaum


“Our involvement in Federation allows us to be part of the next generation of young leaders with the potential to positively impact our community and connect with like-minded peers.”

-Allie & Brett Goldberg

“Making a legacy gift allows us to help ensure that the work of Federation continues and instills the importance of Jewish philanthropy in our children. We are honored and proud to participate in the 100 for 100 initiative.” 

-Randi & Adam Sandler

“For us, this is not just a legacy gift, this gift is our legacy. We want our daughters to know that their great-grandparents, grandparents, and, now, parents cared deeply about the continued vibrancy of Jewish life in Greater MetroWest. We are privileged and proud to give back in this meaningful way.” 

-Elana Wilf Tanzman & Brett Tanzman 

“We have seen firsthand the benefits a legacy gift can make on the community and future generations. We are proud to be able to continue this tradition with our own legacy gift.” 

-Stephanie & Benjamin Lehrhoff

“Instilled with deep Jewish values by each of our families, we feel it is both an honor and a duty to help ensure that we support a dynamic and inclusive Jewish community for our children and future generations. Our legacy gift will allow the Greater MetroWest Federation to continue to support and enhance Jewish life in New Jersey and beyond for years to come.” 

-Oren Henry & David Rak

100 for 100 Gatherings

Take a look at some of our 100 for 100 gatherings.