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Making Global Connections

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Committed to maintaining the vibrancy and continuity of our people worldwide, we build meaningful bonds between our Jewish community and our partners in Israel and around the globe.

In Greater MetroWest, we live Israel every day. We have organized our work into four platforms, each focusing on a different goal: Shared Society/Jewish Pluralism, Negev Council, Israel Engagement, and Jewish Diaspora Communities. Through these platforms we:

  • foster Jewish identity and Jewish pluralism, and we support the values of a Jewish and democratic shared Israeli society, connecting Israelis of all backgrounds with one another.

  • build living bridges – meaningful, personal relationships – by bringing GMW and our partner communities together. We respond to social, cultural, economic, welfare, and educational needs throughout Israel, especially in the Negev.

  • develop a myriad of programs through special partnerships with five communities in Israel (four Jewish and one Druze) and one in Cherkassy, Ukraine.
  • bring a new cohort of shlichim and rishonim, young Israeli emissaries, to Greater MetroWest each year. They spread their passion for Israel across the community and inspire our efforts through their energy.
Host a Rishon
Build meaningful connections
People engaged in virtual Celebrate Israel programs this year.
with Jews around the world

Global Connections Visit to Israel: August 2021

By Allison Nagelberg, Director of Global Connections NJ

The saying that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” perfectly captures the synergies in Global Connections… it encompasses a rich tapestry of interwoven projects and partnerships which have wide-ranging impact in terms of engagement, education, community building, and fundraising.