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The Holocaust Council’s Mission

We honor and cherish the courage, resourcefulness and resilience of survivors to ensure their legacy lives on.

The Holocaust Council of Greater MetroWest NJ provides resources and information to educate our community about the Holocaust. We strive to honor both those that survived and those that perished during this horrific period. Throughout the area, the Holocaust Council is a leader in Holocaust education.

We implement programs and commemorations for the community and carry out programming in public, private and parochial schools through our Survivor Speaks Program.

Learn more about our Holocaust human interest work within the Greater MetroWest community.

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Wait, What?! The Hitler Project

Blog by Ilyse Muser Shainbrown

I was told about a developing story from a neighboring suburban New Jersey town in which a 5th grade class was assigned a project on researching, writing and then presenting on a historical figure. One of the students chose to do her assignment on Adolf Hitler.