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Learn about the latest updates and happenings in Greater MetroWest, in Israel, and around the world.

Diller Shabbaton

Date: May 16, 2022
My name is Sofie Tepperman. I am a junior at Randolph High School in Randolph, New Jersey. Last month, the Diller communities from Baltimore, Boston, Greater MetroWest and Philadelphia came […]

A Look Inside the Only Bilingual, Multicultural School for Arabs and Jews in the Negev

Date: April 18, 2022
The Hagar community started with a small group of activists and now has 150 families with more than 800 Arab and Jewish members. The Hagar School offers public pre-K, kindergarten, […]

Greater MetroWest Develops First-ever Steering Committee with Druze Partner Community

Date: January 31, 2022
Greater MetroWest began its historic partnership with the Druze community of Hurfeish in 2006 during the Second Lebanon War. This was the first formal partnership between a Diaspora Jewish community and a non-Jewish […]

Federation In the Media

New survey sheds light on antisemitism on college campuses in America

Date: December 16, 2021
A recently released survey from the Anti-Defamation League found incidents of antisemitism are on the rise on college campuses around the nation. It found that nearly a third of all Jewish students nationwide experienced antisemitism directly, and the number grows when you add those who’ve witnessed it. “Our students want to be part of finding solutions for climate change, want to be part of the College Democrats or the LGBTQ organizations. But very often are being told that they need to check their Zionism, their support for Israel, at the door, before they’re being allowed a seat at the table. And that’s just, that’s wrong,” said Linda Scherzer, director of the Community Relations Council at the Jewish Federation of Greater Metro West.

Federation takes an in-depth look at itself by JONATHAN E. LAZARUS with the New Jersey Jewish News

Date: December 6, 2021
Self-examination can sometimes be as basic as standing in front of a mirror and taking a good, hard look at the image in reflection. Not for physical or aesthetic considerations, but to squint and probe deeper, perhaps for an elusive, nearly impenetrable peek into our inner workings, or for a hint at the spiritual qualities we all hunger after. A camera obscura of our own design.

Transcending denominational differences

Date: November 30, 2021
Twenty New Jersey rabbis gathered on Zoom last month to learn Torah and study together, in the first activity of a new Greater MetroWest Rabbis Roundtable organized through the Jewish […]

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