November 4, 2022

Our Communal Responsibility to Combat Hate and Antisemitism

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ is not standing idly by while hatred for Jews continues to climb to unprecedented levels. We believe that it is our communal responsibility to combat hate and antisemitism. 

From celebrity statements to the spray-painting of swastikas in local high schools, Nazi salutes in a local middle school; and a climate of antisemitism at Rutgers-Newark, news about antisemitism is everywhere we turn. One in four American Jews has personally experienced antisemitism in the past five years, and more than half have seen antisemitic comments targeting others. 

Federation is relentless in our commitment to confronting antisemitism through: 

  • Building coalitions across all religious denominations and ethnic communities. 
  • Providing resources and programs to educate the wider community about hatred and the lessons of the Holocaust. 
  • Helping Jewish teens to confront anti-Israel and antisemitic behavior on campus. 
  • Supporting the security and safety needs of our synagogues and communal Jewish institutions. 

Our work forging connections and combatting hate helps build a strong and prepared Jewish community.