Congregation Israel of Springfield

Synagogue Information

Address: 339 Mountain Avenue, Springfield, New Jersey, 07081, United States Phone Number: (973) 467-9666 Email Address: School Email Address: Early Childhood Center Email Address: Website:
Affiliation: Orthodox County: Union Early Childhood Center: No Physically Accessible: Yes Accommodations for Hearing/Visual Disabilities: No Congregational School: No

About this Synagogue

Founded in 1971, Congregation Israel is led by Rabbi Chaim Marcus, and serves a close-knit congregation of singles, young and established families, and seniors. We offer the Orthodox community of Springfield a vast array of services, including: Two daily Shacharit minyanim Daily Mincha & Maariv (late Maariv in Winter) Early & late Friday Night davening during the Spring/Summer Learning opportunities five days a week, including Daf Yomi, In-Depth Gemara, Contemporary Halacha, Parsha, and more Adult education & Scholar in Residences Summer Camp Program for 2-4 year olds Innovative youth programs for all ages Beautiful new Mikvah at 42 Center St. in Springfield Beautiful new Kelim Mikvah Modern catering facilities Sisterhood Chesed opportunities  

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