Meet Your Community

Meet some of our #IamGMW community members who share their passion and reasons for supporting the UJA Campaign.

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I give to UJA Federation because no other organization has the partnerships and breadth to help more Jews here and around the world while helping all the people around them.

Susan and Steven

Federation is broad and narrow. It supports communities in Israel and all over the world, as well as in our backyard.


Meet Barbara - with all the needs our community requires, giving to Federation is my chance to help supply it all.


Ken said I want my children and generations of children to grow up in a place where they can be part of a vibrant Jewish community with strong Jewish values, institutions and traditions.


Sandy said I give to Federation because it’s part of my life. How can someone not support Federation?


I give an annual gift to UJA to support this vibrant Jewish community of which I am a part.  As I give, it gives back to me and all of us.


I give to UJA because it expands my philanthropic reach (with one gift I can support so many agencies!) and makes my gift count as part of the Jewish community's effort to do good in the world.


Meet Joan. I give to UJA Federation because I think it is important to help others in need. 


David supports UJA because he feels Federation is the focal point of philanthropy.  


Susan supports UJA because she believes in taking care of the Jewish people.


"I love giving of myself to Federation and being part of such an expansive, inclusive, positive and pluralistic organization that serves as a powerful antidote to the ills of the world through Jewish generosity and human acts of lovingkindess."

Rabbi Eliezer

Rabbi Eliezer is the Head of School at Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy and just became our newest UJA supporter.


Marty is a partner of Brown and Brown Insurance. Marty supports UJA because he feels it's a responsibility to support the community where you live.


One reason Randee supports UJA is our quick response to crises, whether in Israel, the FSU, or Nepal.


Sally supports UJA because the Jewish community has welcomed her with open arms and no one loves Israel like GMW.


Ariel, a Cohn Young Leadership Award recipient, supports UJA because he feels it's the single most important Jewish philanthropic organization.


Sandie supports UJA because she's been around long enough to see the good work we do and believes we should continue this work in the future.


Ben is one of our volunteers who came to our office to discuss his future involvement with Federation.


Rich supports UJA because he believes in bringing people together to help each other.


Marian supports UJA because it is important to maintain support for the Jewish community and maintain ties with Israel.


Besides being married to one of our amazing colleagues (Marian), Keith supports UJA because it's an important part of his family values.


Federation understands the needs of our local and global Jewish community far better than I do. Giving through UJA allows me to have greater reach and impact than I could ever achieve on my own.


Gary supports our Jewish Community because he believes strongly in Areyvut – Jewish Mutual Responsibility.