March 7, 2024

Jewish in…

As part of our Community Concierge efforts. we’re working to enhance your online experience and foster stronger connections within our community. To that end, we have created a Facebook Group (Jewish in…) for each county within the Greater MetroWest area: Jewish in Essex County, Jewish in Morris County, Jewish in Sussex County, and Jewish in Union & Somerset Counties.

We encourage you to use these Facebook Groups to share information about local Jewish programming and activities, ask questions, and engage in conversations about local Jewish life.

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest (JFEDGMW) believes that our community is made stronger by the participation of people of every age, ability, race, ethnicity, denomination, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and religious affiliation. These Facebook Groups are inclusive hubs where you can feel welcome to connect, share, and explore the richness of your county.

All relevant engagement and interaction is encouraged in these community spaces. Please note that not everything shared in these group is necessarily supported by Federation. And to learn more about our new GMW Community Concierge and how she can help you curate your Jewish experience, click here.

Join the county group you are a part of below!
• Essex County:
• Morris County:
• Sussex County:
• Union & Somerset County: