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Synagogue Inclusion

Many of our Greater MetroWest congregations have taken it upon themselves to establish committees that address the needs of individuals with disabilities and their families in their own congregations. Inclusion Committees provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to meaningfully access the services they need in order to fully participate in congregational life and serve as a means by which to continually update and enhance the needs that are being served.

Federation’s Director of Disability Inclusion & Belonging periodically convenes the Synagogue Inclusion Committees throughout the year to share best practices, challenges, and ideas. If you are interested in becoming involved or starting a committee in your synagogue, contact Rebecca Wanatick at [email protected]!

Other resources for Synagogues:

Resources for Creating a Community of Inclusion & Belonging

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Inclusive & Welcoming Language for the Jewish Community

Shabbat & Holiday Programming for Individuals with Disabilities & their Families

A Synagogue Self-Assessment

Greater MetroWest ABLE has created a self-assessment tool, in collaboration with community clergy and lay leadership, to be used by synagogues to gauge their level of accessibility and plan for further enhancements. Congregations that embark on this process can achieve special recognition from the Greater MetroWest community as an ABLE AWARDED synagogue. Download the Synagogue Self-Assessment now.

Greater MetroWest Madrichim – Teen Advocate Training Program

This program trains and teens interested in facilitating inclusive environments for youth with disabilities in our Greater MetroWest area synagogues, recreational programs, and camps. Teens will learn how to create opportunities for all individuals to participate meaningfully in Jewish experiences.

ASL/CART Subsidy Information

Greater MetroWest ABLE has funds available to subsidize the costs of a sign language interpreter/CART for your Jewish community program. If you are planning a program and would like to have a sign language interpreter/CART to better meet the needs of the greater community, please contact Rebecca Wanatick at [email protected].  There are several resources available to identify local interpreters/CART providers and would be able to assist in funding the effort.