March 18, 2019

Celebrating Us

Dov Ben-Shimon Federation CEO

You’ll definitely want to join me at LIVE365, and here’s why…

First, my dedicated, inspiring colleague, Brian Eglash, will be speaking. Brian is a senior professional at the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh as well as a congregant at the Tree of Life synagogue. He’s been on the front lines since the terror attack last fall, giving him a unique perspective. Brian has suffered the loss of dear friends and neighbors and has been a source of support for his greater Jewish community. I know you’ll find his words both meaningful and uplifting.

Second, if you’re anything like me, enjoying the unique aroma and taste of Israeli food – or even just thinking about it – transports you to a food stand in Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem or an awe-inspiring view from a restaurant overlooking the sea in Tel Aviv. And we’re lucky enough to have arguably the best Israeli chef in the world, Michael Solomonov of Zahav in Philadelphia, share his fascinating story with us. We’ll get to listen in on a chef-to-chef conversation between Michael and Meny Vaknin of MishMish in Montclair.

But third, and maybe most importantly, you’ll get to experience that community feeling. You know the one. You feel it when you go to services on Friday night. When you drop off your kids at pre-school. When you go to visiting day at camp.

But this is bigger.

This is hundreds of us coming together for an evening of fun, of inspiration, of camaraderie.

Coming together in support of our Federation, our synagogues, our JCCs, our day schools and camps, our social agencies, and our partners in Israel and around the world. Coming together to experience the energy and excitement of our Greater MetroWest community.

I can’t wait to be inspired by Brian and Michael and Meny! And I can’t wait to celebrate us!