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Month: March 2019

Please, Stop and Think
March 26, 2019
Ilyse Muser Shainbrown Director of Holocaust Education
From an early age, we tell our children: Choose your words carefully… Think before you speak… Don’t say something that could hurt someone else… and...
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Communicate the Unknowable
March 25, 2019
Dov Ben-Shimon Federation CEO
For some time now, our Jewish Federation has been working with community rabbis, as well as synagogue administrators and leaders. We provide education...
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Jewish Values
March 19, 2019
Robert Lichtman Chief Jewish Learning Officer
It’s probably a bit unfair, but whenever I hear the expression “Jewish values,” my ears twitch a little. That’s because I think, for the most part, ...
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Celebrating Us
March 18, 2019
Dov Ben-Shimon Federation CEO
You’ll definitely want to join me at LIVE365, and here’s why… First, my dedicated, inspiring colleague, Brian Eglash, will be speaking. Brian is a ...
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A Beloved Teacher
March 8, 2019
Dov Ben-Shimon Federation CEO
If you’ve ever heard Dr. Erica Brown speak, you know that she’s amazing –and you’ve already signed up to hear her at our upcoming Synagogue Leadership...
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