Chabad of Randolph

Synagogue Information

Address: 50 West Hanover Avenue, Randolph, New Jersey, 07869, United States Phone Number: (973) 895-3070 Email Address: [email protected] School Email Address: Early Childhood Center Email Address: Website:
Affiliation: Chabad County: Morris Early Childhood Center: No Physically Accessible: No Accommodations for Hearing/Visual Disabilities: No Congregational School: No

About this Synagogue

Imagine a place where every Jew, from the unaffiliated to the most learned, could feel at home. Imagine a place where children could develop their Jewish identities, where parents could learn how to transmit the beauty of Judaism to the next generation. Imagine a place where men and women could explore their heritage, where our culture and traditions are treasured. Imagine Jewish people from all walks of life coming together to share and inspire, and to see themselves as active participants in the unfolding of their people’s destiny. Imagine a place where learning and laughter, sacred and secular, spiritual and physical come together in an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance. You have just imagined Chabad of Randolph, a place where Judaism comes vibrantly alive. Chabad of Randolph is a spiritual oasis for all our families for generations to come. With over 3,500 Chabad Centers worldwide, thousands of Jewish men, women and children around the globe experience the joy of Jewish Life every day. From Shanghai to Kishinev, from Alaska to Zaire, Chabad’s foremost objective is to bring joy and celebration of Judaism to each and every Jew. We are committed to this cause.