September 25, 2019

Soothe the Sting, Savor the Sweet

Robert Lichtman Chief Jewish Learning Officer

The honey on our Rosh Hashanah tables that quickly gets messy from all of us dipping apples, challah, or what-have-you to symbolize our wishes for a sweet New Year comes from a bee that stings.

The honey metaphor is resonant not just because of the sweet, but also because of the sting.

We have dipped enough apples to know that much as we pray for sweetness, there will be some stings in 5780 here in Greater MetroWest, in Israel and around the world. We also know that every day when our donors and our professionals come together to Care and to Build and to Save, we do so with a tradition of collective strength, unity, prayers and the experience to comfort those in need – to soothe the sting; and to support them as they arise and continue on their journey – to savor the sweet.

This work we do as a Federation is a mirror of our mission as a People. On this Rosh Hashanah as we celebrate the birthday of the world, we rededicate ourselves to that mission – to ride around the sun one more time with boundless optimism and joy, with open eyes, open hearts and open hands – and to savor the sweet.

Shana Tova U’m’tuka – Best wishes for a Sweet and Happy 5780.