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Greater MetroWest’s growth as a vibrant and dynamic community is nourished by the Jewish values, traditions, and wisdom that have sustained Jewish life for centuries.

Our investment in every learner is guided by the vision of Greater MetroWest as a community of choice for those who seek to creative, dynamic, relevant and stimulating Jewish educational experiences at every stage of life. We invite you to explore these rich and diverse Jewish educational resources offered by our partner agencies and supported by Federation.

BIT OF TORAH - 1/16/20

Parshat Shemot includes the story of Israel's enslavement in Egypt. In this week’s Bit of Torah, Rabbi Daniel Zucker of Temple Hatikvah in Flanders reminds us that the redemption of Israel occurred because of the righteousness and actions of the women of that generation.

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    From Rosh Hashanah to Passover, Sukkot to Shavuot, the Jewish calendar is filled with meaningful and joyous celebrations.