April 26, 2023

Good-bye and Todah Rabah to Our Security Superhero

At Federation, maximizing safety, security, and preparedness throughout our Greater MetroWest Jewish community is a huge priority. Over the past six years, in his role as Chief Security Officer, Robert Wilson has built our Greater MetroWest Security Initiative from the ground up, partnering with law enforcement agencies and organizations across the community to make us all safer, more prepared, and more vigilant in our Jewish spaces.It is with tremendous gratitude that we thank Bob for his impact on our community and wish him well as he moves on to the next chapter in his life, enjoying time with his family in Arizona.

Bob’s dedication and creativity were an inspiration for us all. We are grateful for his hard work and commitment to establishing Federation as the central resource for the community.

We will deeply miss Bob, but we are confident that he’s laid the groundwork and prepared our new Chief Security Officer (CSO), Thomas (Chip) Michaels, to carry on the work that keeps our community safe.In 2017, Federation lay and professional leadership identified the need for a community-based approach to protecting our Jewish institutions and put the financial support behind bringing Wilson on in this new position to launch our Community Security Initiative.“From the beginning, my mandate was to convene our organizations to plan, prepare, and respond to those who seek to inflict harm. I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve the Greater MetroWest Jewish community and am proud to be able to transition the lead to Chip Michaels,” says Wilson. “Chip’s leadership and vision for the community will guide you forward, providing a clear security pathway into the future.”  Michaels has worked as part of Federation’s Community Security Initiative for the past year, assisting synagogues, early childhood centers, day schools, and community centers in achieving strong security platforms.“I am committed to upholding the highest standards of security and collaborating with our partners in law enforcement, Jewish security service, and community members in identifying and addressing any challenges that may arise, as well as elaborating on our current training, emergency planning, crisis management, and grant procedures.” Michaels says. “I want to thank Bob Wilson for his exceptional guidance and my Federation colleagues for their trust in me in taking on this vital position.” Bob Wilson has left his mark on this community in a deep and meaningful way. We will continue to feel his legacy every time we enter a synagogue, an ECC, an agency, or a JCC, knowing that the systems are in place to ensure our safety and security.