July 19, 2023

Internet Phishing Scam

Our Secure Community Network (SCN) has received information regarding a WhatsApp scam targeting multiple Jewish organizations. The scammers leverage Jewish WhatsApp groups to request money from individuals. In certain instances, they pose as the synagogue’s clergy to solicit funds and gift cards. Upon acceptance into the WhatsApp group, they send private messages and basically cause havoc on the institution’s notification lists.

Based on reported incidents, we have no reason to believe these requests for assistance are legitimate. At this time, our security partners are aware of multiple people who have fallen victim to this alleged scam. Please note, these scammers are fluent in Hebrew and well acquainted with Jewish traditions, making them seem more legitimate.

This information is being shared for situational awareness. If you believe you are victim of this scam or have received similar suspicious inquiries, notify your local police department and submit an incident report with the Jewish Federation Security Team here.