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Securing Our Facilities Through the 4 Ds


Deter criminals from planning or perpetrating an act against our facility. The overt use of security cameras on our property makes it obvious to all that they are under surveillance. Visible security/law enforcement presence and signage indicating camera usage communicates a deterrent message to unauthorized individuals.


Detect an illicit intrusion in time to respond appropriately. Security personnel, intrusion alarms and surveillance camera technology are very effective at detecting a breach of security. Once an intrusion is detected, timely notification to staff, security and police should ensue.


Delay an active intrusion attempt enough to force the intruder to give up or allow for a law enforcement/security response. Reinforced doors or other physical barriers are used to slow down an intrusion. Surveillance cameras can be used to alert staff to an unauthorized individual on the premises, thereby providing time to implement countermeasures (locking doors, notifying law enforcement/security).


Deny improper access to the building with access control technology or by physically guarding access points. The intention of guarding the door is to deny casual or inappropriate entry by unauthorized individuals.

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