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Live a Meaningful Jewish Life

In your own way

Our Roots Run Deep

Greater MetroWest NJ has a long tradition of being a dynamic Jewish community, tracing back to the late 1800s when Jewish immigrants settled in the city of Newark.

Since then, we have expanded, moving west and south, building synagogues, schools, community centers, and camps. Starting businesses. Raising families and making friends.

And, of course, Federation has been there over that time, serving as the hub that connects us all.

Tap into that community, your community, and live a meaningful Jewish life in the way that means something to you.

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This week's candlelighting time: 4:43 pm (Zip Code 07981)

Bit of Torah 1/13/22

In Parshat Beshalach, the Israelites pass through the Red Sea on dry land to escape the Egyptians. In this week’s Bit of Torah, Cantor Jessica Epstein of Temple B’nai Abraham in Livingston teaches us about the power of song. #IamGMW

Please note that these teachings do not necessarily reflect the views of Federation.