Community Cookbook FAQ

Community Cookbook FAQs

We’re collecting the best recipes in Greater MetroWest for a community cookbook 100 years in the making!

To celebrate and honor our Jewish Federation’s Centennial, we are “cooking up” a once-in-a-century Greater MetroWest community cookbook that will feature delicious recipes together with photos and stories that evoke our collective past and present.

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Read Frequently Asked Questions about the cookbook below.

What is the community cookbook?

To celebrate and honor our Jewish Federation’s Centennial, we are “cooking up” a once-in-a-century Greater MetroWest community cookbook that will feature a collection of delicious recipes from generations past and present with the photos and stories that bring them to life.


Recipes may be featured in either a hardcover cookbook or a digital version available in spring 2024. Recipes can be submitted until March 30, 2023.

How many recipes will be in the cookbook?

We’re planning to feature 100 recipes for 100 years in the hardcover version and many more in the digital version available in spring 2024.

Who can submit a recipe?

All community members and Jewish organizations are encouraged to submit recipes. We will contact you about the status of your submission in early summer 2023.

How are recipes being selected for the cookbook?

Recipe testers will test each submission. The cookbook committee will review all recipes to ensure a variety of diverse recipes from individuals and institutions.

Where will my recipe be featured?

Recipes may be included in either the hardcover cookbook or a digital version.

What type of recipe should I submit?

Submit a recipe that you and your family/Jewish institution love. Maybe it’s a delicious pasta, a grandparent’s brisket, a recipe you found in a magazine many years ago that you have made your own, a delicious soup, or a holiday dessert.

Does my recipe have to be original?

No, you can submit a recipe that you love that was created by another person. If that’s the case, please indicate the original source of the recipe, to the best of your recollection, on your submission.

Will there be dairy-free, nut-free, and plant-based recipes?

Yes! Symbols representing child-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and plant-based will be noted on recipes as appropriate.

What kind of picture(s) should I upload with my recipe?

We are looking for historical, family, and organizational pictures that you feel best represent the recipe. For example:

  • If you are submitting a potato latke recipe from a great grandparent, submit a picture of the written recipe, the grandparent, and/or a plate of the latkes.

  • If you are submitting a soup recipe, submit a picture of the soup in the pot, in a bowl on the table, and/or of you or a family member making the soup.

  • If you are submitting your favorite challah recipe, submit a picture of the challah and/or friends or community members sharing the challah at Shabbat.

  • If your organization hosts a chili contest, submit pictures of the contest winners!

Submitted photos may be used for publication and promotional purposes.

If a Greater MetroWest Jewish institution hosts an event to select a recipe, what additional information will we be asked to provide?

We would love to know about the event you organized to select the recipe that is being submitted, information about your organization’s history that we could include in the book (special facts about the community or about food as it relates to your organization) and please include pictures of any contest/event in your organization.

How many recipes can I submit?

As many as you like!

When does the submission period for recipes close?

Recipes can be submitted until March 30, 2023.

When will the cookbook be available?

Spring 2024

How do I buy a book?

The cookbook will be a perfect gift for yourself, family, and friends. We will provide more information about how to purchase the cookbook in the coming months.

Will the recipes be kosher?

We request recipes that honor Jewish dietary laws (most recipes can be made kosher!). Submissions should not include shellfish, pork, or the mixing of milk and meat.

I don’t keep kosher. Can I still submit a recipe?

Yes! If you need advice on how to “rework” a recipe so it honors Jewish dietary laws, send an email to

How can I help?

Click here to submit your recipe. If you are not submitting a recipe but you would like to be a tester, send an email to

Who do I contact with a question?

Please reach out to with any questions regarding a recipe, uploading pictures, or any general question you might have about the community cookbook.