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Daniel Rocker and Joshua Rocker & Families in Honor of Marian & David Rocker

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Marian and David Rocker have been bedrock supporters of our Greater MetroWest community for decades. In fact, their first gifts to our UJA Campaign date back to the Six Day War. David was a US Naval officer on a ship off the coast of Israel and Marian was living in their home port in Italy — and they each sent checks to our then Metropolitan UJA Campaign to support Israel in her time of need!

Now, as long-time Achim-level donors to UJA, Marian and David exemplify giving—of their philanthropy, time, energy, passion and vision.

David shared that “Our families emigrated from Eastern Europe, running from pogroms and mistreatment, came to the United States for a better life. They sacrificed and worked hard so that the next generation could progress. We here in Metro West are the beneficiaries of those efforts. As a result, we feel it’s an obligation for us to carry on the tradition and to honor the sacrifices they made that has enabled us to enjoy the life we do.”

Just as they were inspired by their parents, the Rockers have inspired countless others as one of the earliest families to make a major commitment towards a UJA endowment through the William & Betty Lester Society and Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE).

Marian and David are deeply passionate about giving children and teens quality Jewish experiences, regardless of their families’ ability to pay. In 2006, they became founding donors of Greater MetroWest’s first-ever, community-wide program to provide scholarships for Jewish camp.

In honor of our Centennial, the Rockers and the Rocker Family Supporting Foundation made a historic $5 million commitment to support the scholarship program today and for generations and to increase their commitment to an endowment for UJA. In recognition of this extraordinary gift, our Federation permanently named The Rocker Family Jewish Camp Scholarship Program.

Their sons, Daniel and Joshua and their families also made a Centennial sponsorship to honor their parents’ role in building our Greater MetroWest community. They are generous sponsors of the following Centennial programs: The Art of Jewish Camp, Tikkun Olam: A Century of Community Service, and Celebrating 100 Years of Women in Leadership.

“Joshua and I have been highly cognizant of and grateful for the influence that our family’s philanthropic values have had upon us…We have been emboldened and empowered by the fact that we can make a difference, and that if we can, we should.” — Daniel Rocker

“I think it’s important for us to show you the respect and honor because you have given us so much, and you have given the community so much.” — Joshua Rocker