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Federation Connects What Supports Us All

Keeping the flame bright for generations to come

Because of your donations, hundreds of thousands of lives are touched through the work that Jewish Federation supports in Greater MetroWest New Jersey, in Israel, and around the world.

Combining the efforts of thousands of partners around the world, 100s of programs, and four overseas affiliates, what we accomplish together is far greater than what can be achieved alone.

Give Support

You help those in need

  • Counseling for families in crisis
  • Support services for senior citizens
  • Help disabled people and their families
  • Career counseling and job placement

You invest in the future

  • Encourage reading to young children
  • Make Jewish education and camp affordable
  • Teach teens to stand up for Israel
  • Connect people to their heritage

You bring people together

  • Volunteering opportunities to help others
  • Networking to connect professionals
  • Missions to Israel and around the world
  • Social programs for lasting friendships

You respond to emergencies

  • From Israel to Haiti to the Jersey shore 
  • Our collective each extends far and wide
  • To be a part of something Greater

How has Federation impacted your life?

While we work to do so much for so many, we love hearing people share their stories of how Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest has impacted them personally. Each story is unique like the people that make up Greater MetroWest.