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Bring Them Home

Sunday, January 14 marks 100 days since an estimated 240 people were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

Nearly 130 hostages remain in Gaza, at least 25 of whom are believed to be dead. Let’s raise global awareness and mobilize advocacy efforts to bring them home.

Rachel Goldberg, the mother of hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin, calls on all of us to bring global awareness to this horrific milestone. Write the number “100” on a piece of masking tape and place it on your shirt, over your heart. This serves as a reminder that with each passing day, the lives of the hostages are at an increasingly higher risk. Snap a photo, share it, don’t forget to tag us.

#JFedGMW #BringThemHomeNow

If you would like to film a video telling the story of one of the hostages below, please contact Tamar Reshef at [email protected].

Click here and share their stories.