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Keeping the Stories Alive

We offer our Keeping the Stories Alive program to you either virtually or in person. Either way, we can provide the same quality program with a moderator, Holocaust survivor or second or third generation survivor, and Q&A. We can host on your virtual platform and work within your time requirements. 

The Holocaust Council’s Keeping the Stories Alive program has made a tremendous impact on thousands of students and adults who have heard from our speakers. The program consists of either a Holocaust survivor, or second or third generation survivor (children or grandchildren of survivors), along with a moderator, telling their story in an interactive conversation with the audience. Our speakers are chosen for the diversity of their experiences during the Holocaust as the intent is to make listeners aware that there are all different types of stories that come from the Holocaust and it is important to remember and retell these stories in the days and years to come. The moderator introduces the speaker, provides historical context, keeps the speaker to his or her allotted times, and moderates the ‘Question and Answer’ session that follows the talks. Keeping the Stories Alive helps students meet STATE Standards.

For classrooms: We can provide online resources and introductions beforehand for teachers that would like to give students some preparation beforehand. Contact our Holocaust Council Coordinator, Leah Dukes, at [email protected]. After the presentation, we ask that students do some form of response to the survivors, such as letters, poems, artwork. It’s an excellent way for students to process what they’ve heard. The responses can be mailed to us in one envelope, and we’ll forward them to the survivors. These are always very meaningful to the survivors.

To start the process of bringing Keeping the Stories Alive to your classroom, business or organization, complete this form. For more information, contact Leah Dukes at [email protected]. or (973) 929-3067.