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Class Adopt-a-Survivor

CLASS ADOPT-A-SURVIVOR is a program designed to preserve and perpetuate the incredible and inspirational stories of Holocaust survivors. Through this program, a class, with the guidance of their teacher, will become familiar with a Holocaust survivor’s life before, during, and after the Holocaust to create a project that tells the survivor’s story and pledges to continue to tell their story in the years to come.

Each class participating will be assigned one survivor to meet with. We suggest meeting during three to five class periods in order to successfully hear the survivor’s story. After hearing the story completely, the class will complete a project on the survivor’s experience. This project should be developed and created as a collaborative effort by all those in the class and should be shared with the survivor as well as with us at the Holocaust Council upon completion.

During the class meetings, the conversation should be interactive with the survivor and the students. Below are a few questions (but you are certainly not limited to these) that should be asked.

When our survivors speak at schools, we suggest a $350 honorarium to the Holocaust Council in honor of the survivor, and to help cover their transportation costs. While a donation is not a requirement for this program, having the students fundraise or contribute a donation in honor of the survivor is a great way to conclude the experience for all.

We at the Holocaust Council know how great this impact is for the teachers, students and survivors. We are thrilled that you are interested in completing this program with your students and we look forward to working with you. To start the process of scheduling your Adopt a Survivor program, complete this form. Questions? Contact Leah Dukes at [email protected] or (973) 929-3067