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Michael, Barry, and Robert Kann and families in memory of their parents, Margot z”l & Fred z”l Kann

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Margot z”l and Fred z”l Kann helped to build our Greater MetroWest NJ community with their support, involvement, and leadership over decades of our Federation’s first century. They were major donors and major doers — valued and respected for all they brought to our community.

Margot’s first gift to our Federation was in support of the Operation Exodus ll 1990 Campaign to save and resettle Russian Jews. Fred’s first gift was in support of Project Renewal Ramat Eliyahu 1984 — when Federation adopted the deteriorating neighborhood in Israel. Ramat Eliyahu remains one of Federation’s thriving sister cities in Israel where we continue to build relationships and provide care and support from the Greater MetroWest Jewish community.

Together, they became major donors, giving significant annual gifts to our UJA Campaign and participating in many Federation campaigns to help Jews in New jersey, Israel and around the world. In the early 1990s, Margot and Fred’s significant support helped to build the campus that, to this day, houses Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ.

In addition to their generous philanthropy, Margot and Fred were leaders in our Federation. Margot served on the board of the Women’s Department (now Women’s Philanthropy), attending many of their events over the years. Fred served on the board and executive committee of Jewish Federation.

Together, they attended many Federation fundraising events, demonstrating their shared commitment to care for people in need, build Jewish community, and save Jewish lives every day.

In loving memory of their parents, Michael, Barry, and Robert Kann and their families generously established a Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE), which enables Margot and Fred to be recognized as members of the William and Betty Lester Society The brothers and their families are also sponsors of our historic Centennial in memory of their parents.