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Our Centennial Leadership

Thank you to our Centennial Leadership for leading the charge to ensure Greater MetroWest will be a strong, secure, and vibrant community through our next century and beyond.

Centennial Leadership

Jane Wilf
Michael Goldberg
President, Federation
Steven D. Levy
President, Foundation
Lori Klinghoffer
Steven H. Klinghoffer
Vice Chairs, Past Presidents
Dr Lynne B Harrison
Vice Chair, PACE
Abbi Halpern
Jeremy Halpern
Maxine B. Murnick
Vice Chairs, Targeted Giving
Rebecca Gold
Vice Chair, New Century Fund
Ira Steinberg
Vice Chair, Centennial Mission
Terri Friedman
Maxine Schwartz
Vice Chairs, Local Community Engagement
Sheryl Pearlstein
Vice Chair, Communication

2024 Campaign Leadership

Michele Landau
Chair, UJA Annual Campaign
Deborah Jacob
President, Women’s Philanthropy
Ira Steinberg
Chair, Lester Society
Jody Hurwitz Caplan
Chair, Lion of Judah Endowment

Professional Leadership

Dov Ben-Shimon
EVP/CEO, Federation
Kim Hirsh
Executive Director, Foundation
Amy Biloon
Chief Community Engagement Officer
Howard Rabner
Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer
Rebecca Pollack
Chief Development Officer
Diane Bakst
Director, Women’s Philanthropy
Michal Werner
Associate Executive Director, Foundation