MAY 2018

Federation’s Response Ability Is Our Responsibility

by Laura Dorf Queller, Vice President, Communications and Marketing

When Hurricane Irma was targeted to hit South Florida where several of my elderly relatives live, I was comforted to read an e-mail from our Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest. It began, “As we continue to support the communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey, we turn our eyes to Hurricane Irma. Our Federation system is poised and ready to act in support of anyone affected.” The e-mail went on to offer aid to Floridians unable to evacuate or just in need of assistance. It also offered to help those of us up north check on the safety of our loved ones – Jewish or not – after the storm. I immediately forwarded the e-mail to members of my extended family. They, too, were comforted to know this safety net was in place.

Newsletter volunteer staff:
Editor: Laura Dorf Queller, Vice President, Communications and Marketing
Writers: Jody Hurwitz Caplan, Robin Cornick, Mindy Kahn, Stephanie P. Newbold, Alia Ramer 
WP Staff: Diane Bakst, Karen Auerbach Bocaletti


  • Human Bridges

    by Robin Cornick
    It started with a Facebook post and an unexpected response from a friend in Women’s Philanthropy. Before long, connections were made between New Jersey, Israel, and Puerto Rico, uniting a woman with her family after Hurricane Maria.

  • A Swift Response to Harvey

    by Alia Ramer
    When Hurricane Harvey ravaged Houston, the emergency response from our Federation in New Jersey was swift and generous. Months later, our community continues to help our fellow Jews in Texas as they face ongoing challenges.

  • Before the Crisis

    by Stephanie P. Newbold
    Federation doesn’t only respond to emergencies; it also works to prevent them. Learn how Federation keeps our Jewish community as safe and secure as possible.

  • Words Worth Repeating

    by Mindy Kahn
    A family crisis quickly turned long-time UJA donors into recipients of Federation services they never imagined would be so helpful.

  • President's Message

    by Rebecca A. Gold
    Our Federation also responds to the daily ongoing needs of Jews living in Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe. These responses are critical to the well-being and continued safety of the Jewish people everywhere. It is our responsibility to do so.