November 30, 2023

Witnesses to Amazing Display of Resilience

Benjamin Mann Chief Planning Officer

I’ve had the privilege of spending the past few days here in Israel with a wonderful group on our Greater MetroWest’s Solidarity Mission. We’re getting ready to head home and I just wanted to share as we’re wrapping up that it’s been a difficult few days. Very emotional, very intense. We’ve heard too many stories of pain, of people who fled their homes, barely keeping themselves alive on October 7… Yet even in all that pain and those painful stories, we met amazing people, amazing Israelis all over this country who said very clearly that they’re determined, that they are going to keep at it, that they are going to win this war.

And so as we head home, I have a strong sense of Jewish peoplehood and that, even in the face of this really challenging time, the state of Israel and the Jewish people are resilient.  

Am Yisrael Chai  

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