The Corridor

A blog by Dov Ben-Shimon, Federation CEO

The mirror that reflects*

Our Federation dollars leverage JDC’s work helping elderly Jews in the Former Soviet Union across 11 time zones in several thousand locations. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if the clients were centralized in large urban areas? Yes and no. But for now, if you've got the desire to make a…

Standing up and speaking out

There I was in Israel this week, expecting to participate in some interesting but uneventful meetings, meet some of our partners on the ground, maybe share a nice meal with colleagues. I didn’t expect to be lobbying in the Knesset, to be interviewed on national radio, or to be working…

Do things you can be proud of*

There are Campaigns… and there are Campaigns. But I’ve never seen a fundraising Campaign like this.

Our JCCs – standing up for something

Living in the most free and open society in history, we face a daily barrage of options and choices. Do we connect or do we withdraw? Our JCCs remind us that we’re not a monolithic society and culture; that no one holds a monopoly on expressing Jewish identity and community.

Each one of us has a name

This week, at our Women’s Philanthropy Annual Meeting, we recognized the awe-inspiring work that our Women’s leadership takes on and the power of what all these amazing women have achieved. And it was my special privilege to honor my colleague, Sarabeth Margolis Wizen, who will be…