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17 in 17

17 things that made me proud in 2017

It’s time to advocate for religious pluralism in Israel

We've reached a critical juncture in our relationship with Israel. And now I believe that it's time to set up an advocacy program focused at the top national levels of Israeli decision-making.

You are what you give to

We know that the most powerful way to keep Jews Jewish is to build and invest in multiple immersive Jewish experiences – summer camp, Birthright trips, and missions, combined with purposeful community-building work – that will help the community in ten or twenty years’ time.

The Center Stage

Now, more than ever before, the General Assembly, where our Jewish Federations come together, serves as the primary venue to address the central pressing issues we face as diaspora Jews. And anyone can come – everyone is invited.

All of us are not some of us

Religious pluralism isn’t a fancy buzzword. It has real-world consequences and implications. It means that American Jewish values of diversity, of mutual respect, and of tolerance should be upheld.