The Corridor

A blog by Dov Ben-Shimon, Federation CEO

“Relationships are all there is”*

Against a backdrop of growing global fear about the Ebola virus disease, our Federation, through our partner agency JDC, is helping to tackle existing gaps in aid.

What Will Survive of Us Is Love

The flimsy, temporary structure will outlast us all, and all that we build, because of what it means. Community, connections, service. What will survive of us is love.

The Future

This short week we lost a great hero of the Jewish People, Ralph Goldman. We also had a glimpse of the future and celebrated remarkable philanthropy and generosity.

My Big November Travel Plans

There’s nothing and nowhere like a General Assembly of the continental Federation system to bring this passion and energy, together.

More Real, More Human

Our history isn’t just tragedy. It’s also the human stories behind, and before, the tragedy.