The Corridor

A blog by Dov Ben-Shimon, Federation CEO

The Marshmallow Test

Do you take the marshmallow now … or do you wait for two marshmallows later?

Missions here and there

I've always loved federation missions because the values that we experience in them are the core values that we work towards – community (kehila), responsibility (areivut) and kindness (hesed).

The cost

We’re a big Jewish community. Sometimes we forget that. And while a big Jewish community needs a pluralistic and diverse array of institutions and responses, it also needs to grapple with big issues too.


Our senior management team finally got away this week for a two-day retreat. One of the areas we focused on was the 'why' and 'how' of what we do.

“Relationships are all there is”*

Against a backdrop of growing global fear about the Ebola virus disease, our Federation, through our partner agency JDC, is helping to tackle existing gaps in aid.