The Corridor

A blog by Dov Ben-Shimon, Federation CEO

Living Hebrew

At the amazing and inspiring Israel Center Gathering last week our President, Leslie Dannin Rosenthal, made a powerful statement. “We don’t just love Israel,” she said. “We don’t just support Israel. We live Israel.”

Oases in the Desert

How do we help seniors age in place, with dignity and compassion? How do we reflect the values of a kind and caring community? One way is through our community chaplains, working with the elderly through our Joint Chaplaincy Committee.

The “Cecil B. DeMille warriors"

The Ghost Army – 23rd Headquarters Special Troops – was one of the more fascinating and unknown units that fought in the Second World War. A small unit of 1100, they set up dozens of ‘deceptions’ (they called them ‘illusions’) to fool, intimidate and confuse the Axis powers.

The Marshmallow Test

Do you take the marshmallow now … or do you wait for two marshmallows later?

Missions here and there

I've always loved federation missions because the values that we experience in them are the core values that we work towards – community (kehila), responsibility (areivut) and kindness (hesed).