The Corridor

A blog by Dov Ben-Shimon, Federation CEO

Look Me in the Eyes

When I worked at the Joint, I met lots of Ethiopian-Israeli kids. Many of them were brought up in a traditional environment. So when they were drafted into the army things got really difficult.


Yesterday was the most difficult – and most moving – day of my federation career so far.

Connecting dots

We’ve never done this before. Last week, over fifteen community rabbis from all streams met us at the beautiful Jewish community building of JVS, the Jewish Vocational Services, in East Orange.

About Last Week

There were lots of good speakers at the GA, the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America. One of my favorites was Rachel Botsman, a compelling and engaging speaker from the UK, who spoke about collaborative consumption.

Living Hebrew

At the amazing and inspiring Israel Center Gathering last week our President, Leslie Dannin Rosenthal, made a powerful statement. “We don’t just love Israel,” she said. “We don’t just support Israel. We live Israel.”