The Corridor

A blog by Dov Ben-Shimon, Federation CEO

Tolerance and Dialogue in Israel

If you’re reading the news from Israel, you’ll see a lot of grappling, especially in the religious Zionist sector, about the decision of the “Jewish Home” party to join forces with extreme-right Kahanists.

Values and Valuables

More than 60 of our Greater MetroWest snowbirds gathered last week in a beautiful private home in Boca Raton, Florida for a wonderful evening.

Our speaker, Sharna Goldseker, the founder and executive director of 21/64, a nonprofit that serves philanthropic and family enterprises, gave a fas…

Rays of Light

This week I saw the power of women and how they repair the world. I saw inspiration. I saw our magnificent past, present, and future leadership come together to celebrate that power.

Nearly 50 Greater MetroWest women (and me) came down to Florida to attend the International Lion of Judah Co…

Achieving Inclusivity through Innovation

I’m deeply proud of the message coming out of our Greater MetroWest Innovations Fund in our Jewish Community Foundation: that we are committed to supporting Jewish engagement solutions that expand Greater MetroWest’s inclusiveness and foster meaningful Jewish connections with community m…


In some Asian cultures, the number 100,000 is uniquely special. It’s important. It even has its own word – usually some version of the sound “lakh.”