The Corridor

A blog by Dov Ben-Shimon, Federation CEO

Dewey defeats Truman

It was Shimon Peres, then-Prime Minister, who said in 1996 that “Israelis tell the truth to pollsters and then lie in the election booth.”

Little gifts

Kol Hakavod – great job – to our colleagues in the Jewish Agency for Israel on this terrific video, giving a taste of the variety of the programs we support in Israel and dozens of countries around the world.

Seven things I learned in 2014

What’s better than end-of-year lists? Not much. So … here are seven things I learned this last year.

This Week

It’s one of the most active Israeli weeks of our year. This last week we had six separate delegations of young adults crossing our ‘living bridge’ between Greater MetroWest and Israel.

Last Chance

What have you done in 2014 that helped you look in the mirror and made you feel better about the kind of person you’ve become?