The Corridor

A blog by Dov Ben-Shimon, Federation CEO

The best joke I heard all week*

An old Jewish man in Soviet Russia was stopped on the street and questioned by KGB agents.


If you donated money this last summer for the Israel Emergency Campaign – this update is for you.

Dewey defeats Truman

It was Shimon Peres, then-Prime Minister, who said in 1996 that “Israelis tell the truth to pollsters and then lie in the election booth.”

Little gifts

Kol Hakavod – great job – to our colleagues in the Jewish Agency for Israel on this terrific video, giving a taste of the variety of the programs we support in Israel and dozens of countries around the world.

Seven things I learned in 2014

What’s better than end-of-year lists? Not much. So … here are seven things I learned this last year.