The Corridor

A blog by Dov Ben-Shimon, Federation CEO

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible*

Snow in Jewish tradition represents the concept of tshuvah, our chance to start again, to change. Most of us take for granted the reality that we do get another chance; that we can try again. But there are many in our community who have less opportunity and who find themselves trapped in a…

Thickening our Jewish peoplehood

Our job, right now, is to create an exciting and compelling narrative to speak meaningfully to everyone in the community, allow each individual to shape their sense of community for themselves.

Hands up

It wasn’t what they said. It was what they did. This week we launched our United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Annual Campaign for our professional staff. And through a series of inspiring presentations by my colleagues, we saw the impact and power of a Federation gift.

Why I was in Israel last week

A year ago I was accepted into the first-ever cohort of the CEO Onboarding Program which has given me incredibly unique opportunities to learn best practices, concepts, and models from mentors, coaches, other CEOs, and leadership experts.

Join Rabbis to Discuss the Inaugural Address... and Have Coffee

As part of a larger initiative that brings local rabbis together for community conversations, we are holding a number of small discussion groups this Sunday to discuss one text – the incoming President’s inaugural address.