Why you should be proud

Earlier this year, our national Jewish Federation system launched a special Holocaust Survivors Campaign.
It’s amazing that more than $25 million have been raised so far ($2 million of that from generous GMW donors). In addition, we’ve been awarded a federal grant of up to $12.5 million over five years to fund survivor services. Here in Greater MetroWest, we have hundreds of poor or near-poor Shoah (Holocaust) survivors. Others rely on social services to maintain their independence.

There’s much more to do. It is our responsibility to make sure that all survivors are able to live their lives in dignity. Watch this video, and be proud of what you can do. Remember the UJA annual campaign, and the special Holocaust Survivors Fund, on Giving Tuesday and as you start to plan your end-of-year giving.
Because remembering the Holocaust also means remembering the survivors.

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