Throwback Wednesday

Wednesday marks my first anniversary as CEO of our Federation. I’ve spent the last few days finalizing a report to our Board on everything I’ve done this past year, and on thinking through for myself the successes, failures, challenges, and horizons I’ve seen. And on how much more I want to do.

A year ago… on my first day as CEO… I met with all the professional staff for breakfast.
I met with the senior staff for lunch.
(There’s a food theme that seemed to last an awfully long time and hasn’t really finished.)
I met with our Campaign professionals, our Foundation team, our Budget and Finance team, and our senior lay leadership.

Plus I hung out with my kids that evening. Because the next day was the first day of first grade and that was worth celebrating too.

And I was inspired.

This past year I’ve been looking for more and more ways to pass on that inspiration. To explain what it is that we do and why. Because we only do three things in this Jewish Federation: we care, we build, and we save.

Thank you to all those who have expressed support and encouragement this past year.
Thank you to all those who have offered advice, counsel, and guidance.*
Thank you to all those who have given of their time, their resources, and their energy. Because of you we’re changing the world.

*Still needed. Still gratefully received.


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