The Rockets

Every now and then we forget the impact we have on the lives of so many.
Every now and then we think that someone else will take care of those in need.
But not this week.

This week we received a stark reminder.
On Tuesday, a rocket attack on a federation-supported Hesed welfare center in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, was a pretty strong reminder.

560 elderly and poor Jews receive food, medicine, and home care from our partner agency, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) in Kramatorsk. The Hesed (welfare relief) center is part of a network of 32 JDC centers serving 60,000 Jews in 1,000 locations in Ukraine. Not just in times of crisis, but every day. Even in the worst winter weather – the employees of the Hesed center bring a vital connection to the Jews of the city. Because of you.

Because you support our annual campaign. So thank you.
Because you make the difference in the lives of those 560 elderly Jews.

Thankfully, no one was injured when the rockets hit the Hesed center. But seven civilians were killed and 26 wounded nearby in the rocket attack. You can see the rocket attack on the video below, shot by a local resident.

It’s a remarkable reminder of the awful conditions that so many deal with on the ground. And of the dedication and commitment of our colleagues there, and around the Jewish world, who help us realize our values of caring, building, and saving Jewish life.

And of the commitment of a Jewish community that aspires to those values.

We can’t forget that.

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