The funniest joke I’ve heard all week*

A rabbi is walking down the street and passes a very treif (non-kosher) restaurant.
To his amazement, he sees a congregant from his synagogue sitting there and having an extremely unkosher lunch. He stands and waits for the man to come out.
“Why are you eating here? Don’t you know this place is treif? I’ve been standing here watching you this whole time and you’re still eating?”
The man smiles, and answers the rabbi. “Well, if you were standing here the whole time then I guess it was under rabbinic supervision.”
I’ve been reminded several times this week of the critical leadership of our community rabbis. Rabbis who stood and represented our community at AIPAC. Rabbis who came to federation, or reached out, and gave advice and guidance and counsel during a difficult week. Rabbis who participated in community meetings and dialogue.
And I’m proud that we can convene our rabbis in respectful, meaningful ways. Next month we’re going to have another in our series of “rabbis’ mini-missions.” This one will take place at the Union Y, and will involve a discussion on our community and decision-making processes (as well as an overview of the Union Y’s terrific programming). It’s pretty much the only opportunity in our community to bring together rabbis from different streams to meet together and learn about our community’s horizons and challenges.
In the meantime, a task force of my professional colleagues is busy at work on “Jewish Values in Our Workplace.” We’re looking at what makes a Jewish workplace worthy of that designation. How do we uphold Jewish values in our daily practice, and what do we need to do better, or differently, or stop doing. If you have opinions on this, and the role of our community and our rabbis in shaping these conversations, let me know. Some rabbinic supervision may be a good thing, too.
*Actually the only joke I heard all week. So, technically, also the funniest.

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