The best joke I heard all week*

An old Jewish man in Soviet Russia was stopped on the street and questioned by KGB agents.

“Tell us, old man,” said one agent. “Do you know who Karl Marx was?”

“No,” said the old Jew.

“Vladimir Lenin?”


“Josef Stalin?”


The KGB agent looked at the old Jew, wondering how to write him up for disloyalty to the state and the regime. But suddenly the Jew spoke up.

“And you,” he said, “do you know Mendel Cohen?”

“No,” said the agent.

“Do you know Mottel Haimovitch?”


“And do you know Shmuel Israelov?”

“No,” said the KGB agent.

“Well,” said the old Jew. “I guess that’s just the way it goes. You have your friends and I have mine.”

It was a great week with our partners. I sat with agencies, synagogues, our partners in the Israeli Consulate, Birthright, JCPA, and more. We talked with colleagues about technology and how we follow up from Super Sunday. And I met with professionals in our federation to deepen the discussion on how we improve workplace policies and make ourselves a more welcoming and Jewish place.

And, at the same time, we learned more about our friends. Those who stood up for the Jews of France and rallied – and protected – them. Those who do the daily work of keeping us safe. And those who share our – your – values and believe in what we believe in.

For these friends, too, we’re grateful.

(*I didn’t get out much.)



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