Thanks and Giving

Yesterday was Super Sunday. It was, in a word, super.

We raised more money than we’ve raised in years. And that’s critical, because the UJA Annual Campaign is the lifeblood of a strong, healthy, vibrant community. We don’t get to do the things we need to do — support our agencies and step up in times of need — without raising the funds.

But it was also a day of building community. In Scotch Plains I watched blood drives and tzedaka projects and a camping fair and a rock concert by the awesome Shabbatones. In Whippany I saw hundreds of callers, teens and seniors, Agency Board members and Federation friends, calling with spirit and dedication. All around us were craft activities, distinguished guests, educational events, presentations, live happenings, and more.

At Chocolate Works in Livingston we had a fun (and chocolate-filled) call session for Young Leadership, raising funds and creating a whole new Super Sunday program.

And in Ofakim, 150 of our GMW Israelis — partners, friends, cohorts, parents, and more — took part in an amazing Yom Aleph Aleph (Super Sunday in Hebrew) celebration. Linking together by videoconference, talking together and singing Hatikvah together, was an inspiring and unforgettable scene. Our Israeli GMW site raised an incredible 50,000 shekels (!) for the UJA Annual Campaign. That’s an amazing statement of community and partnership. No Jewish Federation has ever done anything like this before.

We’re so proud, and grateful, for all those who participated yesterday.

Thank you to those who came out, who took part, and who made the calls.

Thank you to our lay and professional leaders who organized and inspired.

And thank you to those who answered the call and gave so generously.


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