One of the most interesting aspects of Federation work is the tension between “money” and “outreach.” How much are we meant to solicit for the amazing causes we run and support? How much are we meant to say “it’s not (just) about the money. It’s about building community?”*

In my first week as CEO I've already had several conversations about young professionals living here who think that “UJA just wants my money.” All Federation does is “call me once a year and ask me for money.”

So here’s a story.

Exactly a year ago … my colleague Jordana moved from New Jersey for a marketing career. She had lived her whole life here. When she got to Boston it was cold, and she was lost and lonely. Think of those sad, poignant movie scenes with blowing snow and lonesome landscapes.

A colleague recommended she join a weekly young leadership group through Federation. She met a group of 12 other young women who were also new to Boston. Each week they talked about the opportunities in the local community. They talked about life in the new city, about brunch spots and cultural hangouts. And they talked about being Jewish.

At the end of the program, Jordana decided to go with some of the leaders to New Orleans for Tribefest. It changed her life. She left with a lot of questions and ideas … and with the knowledge that her heart was in building a strong and supportive Jewish community.

That’s why she’s now our Young Leadership Division (YLD) Director. And you can meet her, and many others with passion, vision and commitment to our community through our YLD efforts.

Whatever it is that you are looking for; be it community service, passionate work, new friends, or a place to go with old friends, the Young Leadership Division has a home for you.  I hope you join me, Jordana, our YLD Chair Stacie Friedman, and many others on September 18th at Moonshine Modern Supper Club in Millburn NJ (just steps from the NJ Transit station for commuters!) for the Kick Off Event.

Tickets are $40 in advance, and $50 at the door. Registration is available online and through Facebook.

*Trick question. It’s both. But good for you for checking.


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