Renewal and Repair

Once again, it was 9/11.

Our Federation’s professional staff gathered to remember and reflect. 

John, our security supervisor, was the first to share. “Thirteen years ago at about this very moment a plane struck Tower 1 at the World Trade Center and the world changed forever. We lost over 3,000 lives that day. Please take a moment and remember those we lost. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I lost friends that day and I will “Never Forget”! May all those lost that day RIP always!”

Sarabeth Margolis Wizen, director of our Women’s Philanthropy, read a piece written by Rabbi Aaron Benjamin Bisno called “Repairing the Fabric.” It was a lovely piece that speaks to how to repair a world rent by unspeakable horror. 

Sarabeth also shared her story. She was still working on Wall Street on 9/11 and witnessed the second plane fly into Tower 2. As she saw the first tower crumble, she could only think of all the people she knew, and all the other innocents, who worked in the Trade Towers and whose lives were lost.

And then Sarabeth told another story. 

This was a story of renewal and repair. On Wednesday, when she was leaving the International Lion of Judah Conference in New York City to return home, her hotel porter, George, casually asked where she was from. When she said New Jersey, he said he lived in New Jersey too — in Union Beach. Our Federation has partnered with Union Beach since the small beach town was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

So…Sarabeth asked, “Have you ever heard of Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ?” He froze. And said, “Of course I have. You helped to rebuild my house. I’ll never forget you. You rebuilt our community. You gave hope to the people of Union Beach when we didn’t have hope.”

If you support our community…you should know that you helped to repair this one man’s home. But more than that — in the process you helped to fix his entire community. This is what we do. We care, we build, and we save. Because of you.

l-r: Sarabeth Margolis Wizen, director, Women's Philanthropy; George, Union Beach resident; Maxine B. Murnick, Federation campaign chair


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