Plant a Tree

This is a lovely, wonderful, inspiring opportunity.

Want to send a message of support for Israel, and at the same time send a mazal tov (congratulations) or a note of sympathy? Send a tribute card that plants a tree in Kibbutz Erez, along the Gaza border.

Erez and the region have been the target of rockets and terror attacks. And we have a special relationship with our partner kibbutz. Many of our GMW community members have visited Erez. We’ve seen its proximity to Gaza and the struggle to maintain a normal life. We’re committed to helping the residents of Erez enhance their quality of life. So we’ve helped refurbish bomb shelters, built fortified safe rooms, created a children’s play area, enhanced medical services, built a library, helped with demographic growth, and more.

It’s been important for us to show our solidarity with missions, programs, and more. Now that the kibbutz is building a park-like path, we have a chance to help beautify the area and create a long-lasting oasis of serenity.

Help us to make this park a beautiful reality by purchasing one or more trees to commemorate a simcha (special occasion) or in memory of a loved one. You can see the general area in the photo – and we’ll have lots of photos and updates to follow.

Click here for more information, and join us in making the Negev bloom.



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