For almost a year now our leadership has been considering how to bring The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life into Federation as a Federation department. We’re proud of the achievements and success of The Partnership, the Jewish education and identity-building arm of Federation that has developed quite a reputation throughout our community and beyond. As we further expand the role of Outreach and Engagement into content areas and continue to serve new demographics in the community, having The Partnership embedded within our organization will present a single and compelling message consistently and across multiple platforms.

Our goal is make sure that every single person who comes to a Partnership event understands that he or she is coming to a Jewish Federation event, that every single one is invited to other events and programs, and that every single one can benefit from the economies of scale that will come from this merger.

Don’t get me wrong.

We don’t need to fundraise from the participants. For the most part, those coming to Partnership programs aren’t going to be major donors to Federation at this stage. Many of them won’t even be donors at all in the near future.

But this new positioning enables us to enter into substantial dialogue with many of these participants. We don’t need to raise money from young families, but we do want to connect them to all the other services and opportunities we provide as a federated community.  And we want to support and to strengthen the capacity The Partnership affords us to Bring Jewish Learning to Life for young people and their families.

Because they’re the future of our community.

Many of the inspiring leadership programs we’ve traditionally run in Federation, like Young Leadership and Epstein and Borinsky, along with those we’ve created this last year – Men’s Campaign, Outreach and Engagement – will work along with The Partnership content to deepen our outreach and our message, as well as to deepen the opportunities for participants to go further along in their Jewish journeys. We’ll be integrating our databases and workflows to make sure that everyone who comes to a Partnership program is welcomed into the overall Federation system.

We’re proud of the work that The Partnership has done. We’re looking forward to even more great things as we move closer together this coming year.


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