Out and About

We kicked our fundraisers out of the office.
Our campaign team is testing a new concept this month. Instead of working from their offices, they’re working from the road.
Working from the office has a lot of advantages – brainstorming, team-building, on-site expertise and knowledge. But our campaigners are bright, talented, and articulate people. And they need to be out there. Meeting people.
That’s not what this blog post is about, though. Sending people out into the community isn’t a particularly innovative idea.
This blog post is about something else. It’s about what’s happening as our campaigners are out and about. It’s about the stories and personalities they have encountered – donors and supporters of the UJA Campaign who support Federation because it’s the focal point of their philanthropy. Because Federation and its agencies helped their parents, or their children. Because Federation stepped up in a time of emergency, or crisis, or opportunity.
If you’re on twitter you can see a few of the profiles that we've started to capture. It’s a lovely idea: celebrating the diversity and strengths and passions of our donors.
And it’s also a reminder. Federation Campaigns aren’t just “about” raising money. They’re about raising community. They’re about connecting us, and reminding us about what’s meaningful.
If you haven’t (yet) made your annual campaign gift, now's a really good time. You can click here, or contact us.

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