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I hope you’re planning to join us at our Annual Meeting next Tuesday evening. It’ll be a memorable and fun event – you can find more details and RSVP here. Chaired by Mindy Goldberger and Lisa Gutkin, this year's meeting has a whole new format and a program that will bring to light all that our community does.
Alina Spaulding will be the featured speaker. If you’ve never heard her before, prepare to be inspired! (And if you have heard Alina before, then bring a friend and share the inspiration!) Alina’s story is one in which we all share a part.

In addition, we’ll recognize our two newest winners of the Julius and Bessie Cohn Young Leadership Award, Lee Murnick and Ariel Nelson, and we’ll honor Neimah Tractenberg, our Missions Director, for her 27 years of service to the Jewish community.
And that’s not the only celebration of our community. These past few weeks we’ve seen an inspiring tapestry of who we are, from all corners of our towns and counties. You can see a representative sample of who we are here. As we close up the UJA Annual Campaign (there's still time to see the impact you make, and to make a donation), it’s a terrific opportunity to meet more people who care, who build, and who save.
And for them – for you – we’re grateful.


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